Cannabis for Sleep


puppy sleeping on the floor
Like many Americans, I use medicinal cannabis to help me sleep. My goal is to sleep as soundly as a puppy, though not a 2 p.m. as Julias seems to do regularly. 

As a former asthmatic, smoking cannabis is not for me, so I vape flower to absorb the cannabinoids and terpenes. When finished, I eat the cooked cannabis (formally known as decarboxylated) because the vape's heat creates a natural edible. After all, as the kids would say, why waste weed? For me, the taste resembles slightly burnt popcorn, but each strain exudes its own flavor on my palette. If this sounds a bit raw to you (pun intended), consider eating the decarboxylated cannabis with a teaspoon of honey or another tasty treat. You may also save it to create your own cannabis oil in the future. 

As the initial relaxation from my vape session wears off, the cannabis I ate enters my bloodstream for a longer-lasting effect. An hour or so after consuming, it's off to bed. 

purple cannabis flower trichomes
My favorite strains align with the color purple; no, not the book or movie, the plant itself. This includes Grand Daddy PurplePurple Punch, and Purple Urkle that carry the right mix of THC and terpenes for my body. I also enjoy strains such as King Louis XIII, Lava Cake, and Tahoe OG

If you're new or returning to cannabis use, it may take time to find the best strain or product that works with your body. Everyone's cannabis journey tells a different tale, and experimentation can be fun. Don't Strain Yourself is here to help guide you, and always seek advice from medical professionals. 


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