About DSY

My name is Philip Rebentisch and I founded Don't Strain Yourself because I needed help navigating the medicinal cannabis landscape. Modern cannabis options can be challenging, and we're here to help by sharing health, wellness, travel, and lifestyle stories. We'll also learn from doctors, nurses, and cannabis professionals about the incredible cannabis plant. 

DSY focuses on patient stories to help explain the vast medical potential of the cannabis plant. For transparency and authenticity, we'll share stories from medical professionals along with cannabis experts and their products. We'll also explore cannabis wellness retreats and other canna-travel opportunities. 

Legal, tested, and safe medical cannabis can make a difference in people's lives. We're going to help show you how. We divided all our videos and posts into searchable categories and labels for pain, sleep, anxiety, patient stories, medical information, cannabis experts, and wellness events. Please subscribe and feel free to comment and share.

The information and patient stories appearing on Don't Strain Yourself do not constitute medical advice. We strongly encourage all cannabis consumers to speak with healthcare professionals to evaluate cannabis use.

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