CannMed 2022 Conference

Last week, we attended the CannMed 2022 cannabis medical conference in Pasadena, CA. Produced by Medicinal Genomics, this three-day event featured exceptional doctors and scientists such as Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D., Bonnie Goldstein, MD, Ethan Russo, MD, Kevin Spelman Ph.D., Dustin Sulak, OD, Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D., and many incredible cultivation and testing scientists.

DSY interviewed several exhibitors and attendees to learn why they attended the conference. Our first video is with Oliver Kruze, Vice President, Strategy & Finance, at Tikun Olam, and we’ll be posting one interview per day over the next nine days.

Watch Oliver on Youtube here.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are terrible burdens for those suffering from them. At CannMed 2022, DSY spoke with Veronica Santarelli, CEO of Grassp Health, about medical cannabis services for patients in assisted care communities. This story is personal to me.

Learn from Veronica here.

Fiddler's Greens has been in the cannabis game for a long time, and I have immense respect Cameron and Shannon Hattan. Their love and knowledge of the cannabis plant and its abilities are simply amazing.

At CannMed 2022, I had an opportunity to interview Cameron about why they attended this incredible event. Wanna get inspired? Just listen to Cameron.

Learn from Cameron here.

Valentia Valentine is an inspiration on so many levels, one of which is her Synchronicity Holistic Cannabis Wellness center in Carmel, California. DSY interviewed Valentia at CannMed 2022, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Cannabis education is incredibly important for both current and upcoming health professionals. Lori Horn, Senior Admissions Counselor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, explains their history of teaching plant medicine and incorporating the cannabis plant into it.

Learn a lesson from Lori here.

Medicinal cannabis is the moral voice of the cannabis business. If we lose that voice, cannabis products are simply consumer packaged goods. At CannMed 2022, DSY interviewed Jimmy Castillo, Founder and Chief Science Officer of Jenny’s Rose. Jimmy explained that his company will always be about the medicine. This was so touching.

We often hear that traditional doctors avoid medicinal cannabis because they don’t have clinical data. While this is not entirely accurate (thank you, Israel), there are legitimate concerns about potential drug interactions with cannabis. Fortunately, GreenTrait provides software to alert traditional physicians about potential pharmaceutical interactions. This further normalizes #cannabismedicine in health care offices. At CannMed 2022, we spoke with Kate Turmo of PTC Laboratories about their GreenTrait software. 

Watch Kate on YouTube here.

Orange County NORML is one of the premiere NORML chapters in the United States. Over the years, the chapter has tirelessly advocated for people’s legal access to cannabis, and the work continues. Shelly McKay recently became the chapter’s Executive Director, fighting for cannabis acceptance and expansion in Orange County, California. DSY caught up with Shelly at CannMed 2022, and it was a joy speaking with her. 

Learn more about NORML here

Educating people about cannabis is a never-ending endeavor, and we’re thankful for the work of Chela and Dave Coennen. In addition to their Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast, they’ve created a plethora of educational materials to help patients and caregivers incorporate cannabis into their daily lives. At CannMed 2022, they were gracious to speak with us for a few minutes about cannabis and treating dementia.

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