Kin Slips Product Reviews

Kin Slips sublingual slips are an amazing, all-natural cannabis product. You place a slip under your tongue and minutes later, the medicine takes effect. The slips are refreshing and you get all the benefits of an edible without the wait. They’re very discrete, travel well, and you can microdose, so yes, I‘m a fan! Kin Slips sent me their products to try, and you can watch my full product review above. Please take a few minutes and learn why Kin Slips should be a part of your cannabis prescription!

Kin Slips currently offers four products with different cannabinoids and terpene blends to achieve different effects. You can watch individual reviews for:

Cloud Buster
For Creativity and Focus

Float OnTM
For Balance and Tranquility

Park LifeTM
You'll Find Comfort and Relief

Shut EyeTM
A Blend for Sleep and Serenity

The company is also committed to helping people in the cannabis community. In 2021, Kin Slips donated over 65,000 slips to people in need through SB34, The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act

Visit the Kin Slips website to learn more.

Special thanks to JDitzel, Theo Teravainen, and Newagesoup for their music in the videos.


  1. Amazing insight Philip! Appreciate all the info and you know I'm a big fan of Kin Slips :)

    1. I wanted to learn about the company and I went all in!

  2. I just used the 10:1 and I really enjoyed the taste and the effects!

    1. Exactly, Alisha! I was so impressed. I took a 10mg Float On last night just cuz I wanted to enjoy one.


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