Food is Life!

Food is life, and Chef Matt knows how exquisite, well-prepared meals create a sense of joy and deep satisfaction. By including cannabis in the art of cooking, Chef Matt understands that people are not only eating well, they are also living well. For adults curious about cooking with cannabis, Chef Matt is the go-to expert, and I love his creations. 

Chef Matt’s passion and diverse knowledge as an executive chef led to him overseeing international, multimillion-dollar restaurants for one of the world’s largest luxury hotel chains. His company, Chef Matt Brands offers traditional cooking options, as well as CBD and THC-infused products. He encourages his customers to cook at home and try new recipes. This includes experimenting with THC and CBD-infused ingredients as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

Find Chef Matt on the web at Chef Matt Cooks, on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Many thanks to composer Dpren for the Atrium Loop music. 


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