Plant Therapy with Dr. Leah

Dr. Leah Johnson (PharmD), is a passionate, warm, and vibrant medical cannabis consultant, educator, and speaker. Known on the Internet as Dr. Leah, we shared a lively (and fun!) conversation about cannabis plant therapy.

Dr. Leah is a formally trained Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist and the Founder and CEO of Alchemist Cannabis Consulting. She knows of what she speaks. She holds three patents for natural herbal remedy tinctures developed while working as the Head of Research & Development for an herbal supplement company.


Watch our 20-minute Zoom conversation, here. Due to the subject matter, YouTube required an age restriction to view this video (18+), so you need to be signed in to your Google or YouTube account. 

You can contact Dr. Leah by email at or text her at 408-418-8802.


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