Alisha Diaz Putting Patients First

Alisha Diaz is the founder of the Silver Cannabis Club and was the longtime Head of Senior Relations at the Kannabis Works dispensary in Santa Ana, California. Alisha always has medicinal cannabis patients’ best interests at heart. She is a caring and dedicated cannabis professional who provides information about cannabis products to older adults.

Learning about modern, regulated cannabis can be a challenge. Alisha is a trusted resource for countless numbers of adults who need a gentle, knowing guide along their medicinal cannabis journey. 

If time is pressing, watch her individual segments:

Cannabis Products Patients Prefer (1:00)

How Can Adults Learn More About Cannabis? (1:40)

Talk to Your Doctor...About Cannabis? (1:30)

I Love My Job! (:47)

How do Patients React to Your Outreach? (:32)

How to Fight Cannabis Propaganda (1:15)

How to Start a Cannabis Conversation (1:00)

Many thanks to composers AndrewKn and Drakensson for the music. 


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